Motorbike Fabrication and Motorbike Repairs

Here at Specialised Fabrication we regularly perform repairs on a wide range of motorbikes from competitive racing motorbikes (both on-road and off-road motorbikes), touring motorbikes, weekend warrior trail bikes, daily commuters, right through to local motorbike hire outfit repairs. Not only do we repair motorbikes, we also do customised motorbike fabrication for on, on/off, and off-road motorbikes. Whatever you may need for your pride and joy, give us a call, we will absolutely be able to help.


Customised Motorbike fabrication

We understand that motorbike owners are very passionate about their bikes, and that’s why we take extra special care when fabricating applications for motorbikes so the final result is exactly what you’re after. We cater to all motorbike riding styles including track racing, road riding, adventure riding, dirt/trail riding, speedway, trials, you name it. Because we cover all motorbike genres we cover all types of motorbike fabrication including frame work, pack-racks, luggage trays, panniers (alloy panniers and stainless steel panniers), windshields, light grills, bash-plates, etc, basically any kind of motorbike fabrication you can think of, we can do it.

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